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TIPS : Short Lip : 2BA

White Black Snow
Orange Pink Violet

Works with any dart with standard 2BA threads.



The short lip comes in all 6 colors (white, snow, black, shocking pink, violet and orange). By shortening the overall length, it sticks in on the board even more smoothly. However, it still keeps all the advantages of the regular lippoint which are the mirror-like finish at the tip, the non-slip finish for smooth release and the high precision screw for tight holdings. *Length (not including thread): 0.9 inch (22mm)


Name Short Lip
Length 22.4mm
Weight 0.27g
Maximum Diameter 5.4mm
Features 1) Bombshell Shaped to reduce bouncebacks
2) Mirror-like finish to make it easy to enter the board and pull from the board
3) Nonslip grip for a quick release and smooth finish
4) High precision screw that doesn't loosen
Country of Origin Japan

  • Adrian Lewis
  • Alex Hon
  • Bob Sinnaeve
  • Brenda Roush
  • Cindy Pardy
  • Colin Lloyd
  • Gordon Dixon
  • Lourence G. Ilagan
  • Jim Widmayer
  • John Kuczynski
  • Julio Barbero
  • Larry Butler
  • Paul Lim
  • Randy Van Deursen
  • Sandy Hudson
  • Scott Kirchner
  • Scotty Burnett
  • Stacy Bromberg
  • Terry Hayhurst